Executive summary

The project addresses practical and cultural background problems for berries, proposing a set of innovative solutions that can remove biological and/or technology bottlenecks to blueberry, chokeberry, blackcurrant and goji.

The project objectives are:

1. development of innovative training systems for berries;
2. testing new methods of cultivation for blueberries in containers in open field and covered;
3. creation of interspecific hybrids and evaluation of L. barbarum biotypes in order to test and patent them at ISTIS;
4. grafting goji and blueberry and registration the plant response in terms of morpho-productive and technological traits.

One goal of this project is to produce a major transformation and an important step in the evolution of berries training systems by changing completely the shrub architecture. Building vertical cordons, all technological operations will be much more simplified. Blueberry potted culture in the field and covered aims the possibility of extending the area of crop for the specie and broadening the fruit ripening period. Will be evaluated and proposed for testing and certification to ISTIS varieties of the species L. barbarum and interspecific hybrids L. barbarum x L. chinense. Grafting goji and blueberry plants creates the possibility of testing the mutual influence variety/rootstock to berry shrubs.